UAE’s warning for passengers carrying luggage of unknown people

Advisory has been issued to make sure a secure and risk-free journey.

People flying into the UAE have been suggested to not obtain baggage from unknown individuals with out understanding the content material within the luggage as this might land them in hassle.

The UAE’s Federal Customs Authority (FCA) has suggested individuals to not even trade baggage with mates below good religion with out confirming concerning the content material of the products.

This was introduced by the FCA lately in a element advisory and suggestions for travellers to make sure a secure and a risk-free journey.

It requested the UAE-bound passengers to chorus “from receiving luggage or bags from unknown persons in the country of departure without knowing their contents, not to exchange luggage with friends under good faith without verifying their contents”.

Like all nations throughout the globe, the customs authorities right here have additionally banned many objects that passengers can not carry when flying into the UAE. Hence, any merchandise that’s prohibited can put individuals in critical jeopardy.

Some of the prohibited and restricted objects embrace narcotics, playing instruments/machines, nylon fishing nets, reside animals of pig species, uncooked ivory, laser pens with crimson lights, faux and counterfeited forex, substances contaminated with nuclear rays and mud, religiously offensive or immoral drawings and stone sculptures, in addition to paan substances, together with betel leaves.

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