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Salma Hayek recalls when her pet owl coughed up a hairball on Harry Styles

Salma Hayek spoke about her pet owl Kerring to tv host Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show.

PUBLISHED ON JUN 16, 2021 08:33 PM IST

As far as humorous pet tales go, this one shared by Salma Hayek about her pet owl Kering is one you shouldn’t miss. The actor was talking to tv host Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show when she recalled an incident involving her owl and singer Harry Styles. A video of the chat goes viral on-line and likelihood is it’ll depart you laughing out loud.

During the chat, DeGeneres asks Hayek about dwelling with an owl at house. “Aren’t there droppings on expensive furniture?” the TV host asks. To this, the actor replies that whereas that occurs, there’s one other factor the owl does that’s worse.

Salma Hayek goes on to say that the owl regurgitates hairballs after its meals. She then narrates an incident during which the owl sat on Harry Styles’ head and coughed up a hairball on prime of him.

Watch the hilarious video under:

The humorous video has collected a number of reactions from netizens.

“I love Salma she is just so cool! She’s hilarious and real,” reads a touch upon YouTube. “May be he was expecting Harry Potter not Harry Styles,” a YouTube person commented. “Salma Hayek herself is so funny and then add an owl and owl stories too. Love this,” posted one other.

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