MasterChef Australia: Depinder Chhibber and Kishwar Chowdhury honoured by Indian fan support

Two MasterChef Australia contestants are offering a “little ray of light” in Covid-19 ravaged India amid long-running lockdowns and harrowing every day dying tolls.

More than 1.36 billion individuals reside in India and with their robust ties to the South Asian nation, Depinder Chhibber and Kishwar Chowdhury have been overwhelmed with help and messages from their worldwide followers who watch streamed MasterChef episodes the day after they air in Australia.

And Chhibber stated she hoped to journey again to Delhi to go to a few of her nearly 80 kinfolk – many who’ve recovered from Covid-19 – as quickly as attainable.

“I grew up in Newcastle when we moved to Australia,” Chhibber stated. “I was born in India and I lived there for the first 11 years of my life and we went back to India almost every year.

“The only people [in my family] that are overseas are me, my mum and dad and my brother, everyone else is still in India. It’s like up to 80 people, there’s just so many of them every time that I go back, I make sure that I visit every single one of them, especially the older generation.

“I get emotional when I talk about it as well because I wish I could go back, but it’s hard.”

There have been greater than 27.4 million coronavirus instances in India with greater than 315,000 recorded deaths from the virus. With a lot of the inhabitants staying indoors, each Chhibber and Chowdhury – who’ve the very best Instagram following of all this yr’s contestants – stated they have been humbled to supply positivity and leisure.

“People in India, not all of them have big mansions, many people live in very small houses,” Chhibber stated.

“Having the whole family there all day can get quite difficult, even claustrophobic. You can’t go anywhere because if you go out, you take the risk of getting Covid and giving it to the rest of your family.

“The messages I receive say, ‘[MasterChef] is our ray of light for the whole day. This is what we look forward to’. Young fans say that their grandparents and families are all watching and they get really excited when they see me on TV because that’s something that they can relate to.”

Chowdhury, who lives in Melbourne, stated messages from abroad helped put Victoria’s present lockdown into perspective.

“My mum’s family is in Calcutta and my dad is from Bangladesh,” she stated.

“My in-laws have been locked down for about 500 days and my father-in-law has COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), so contracting Covid is not an option.”

Chowdhury stated she felt an enormous accountability representing the Bengal area in Bangladesh by making Bengali meals on MasterChef.

“It’s something I was really aching to see for a very long time, someone who looks like me and represents Bengali food on TV, and I finally got to be that,” she stated.

“My parents came [to Australia] about 50-odd years ago and something that they always carried was what we ate … it was their connection to home. That’s how they carried their culture, they carried their piece of home through food.”

“I’ve received thousands and thousands of messages [from India] just saying the situation is really bleak and MasterChef Australia airing there is just so big right now.”

One fan wrote: ‘You are bringing smiles on so many people’s faces. India and Bangladesh (are) going by means of such powerful instances and you might be by some means therapeutic everybody a bit of’.

Watch MasterChef tonight, 7.30pm on Ten.

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