‘I Almost Died 3 Times’: 25-Year-Old COVID Survivor, Jason Barbosa, Sends Warning After Severe Recovery Complications

CHICAGO (CBS)– At simply 25 years previous, Jason Barbosa is aware of what it’s wish to dwell and to very almost die.

He survived COVID-19 and his journey is way from over.

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With a brand new surge in COVID instances, Jason has a message. He says COVID continues to be a lethal risk and all of us should take it significantly.

“It was a scariest thing ever that has ever happened to me,” He stated.

Barbosa was used to being match, a younger husband and father and he was lively and energetic. All of that modified final May.

“It was a Tuesday, I still went to work that night for like an hour, but I  was really, really sick,” He stated. ” I simply couldn’t breathe no extra.”

An ambulance took him to Central DuPage Hospital’s COVID unit, the place medical doctors informed him he wanted a ventilator.

“I still remember during my last words to my grandparents and my parents calling them and telling them the procedures,” Barbosa stated.

But that ventilator wasn’t sufficient, his organs had been beginning to fail. Desperate, his medical doctors had one final, and dangerous, possibility which was an “ECMO.” This a machine that might work as his’s coronary heart and lungs, giving him time to heal.

“We stopped their heart and lungs from working and we have to have a backup plan to circulate blood, through their body,” Dr. Jonathan Tomasko, cardiac surgeon, stated.

And the affected person should be completely nonetheless.

“We use a paralyzing medication, which basically decreases the total amount of action that the body uses,” Dr. Jeffrey Huml, important care doctor, stated.

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As one downside appeared solved, others arose. Severe bleeding, infections and irritation grew to become points.

“On more than one occasion we we had to consider withdrawing the life sustaining technology,” Huml stated.

The medical doctors ready Jason’s household to say goodbye, three separate occasions.

“There was not a whole lot more medically we were able to do, but we were able to wake up Jason at that point,” Tomasko stated.

Barbosa pulled off one thing nobody anticipated.

“He started taking big deep breaths with his lungs and he started coughing out all the blood clots and all the other sickness that was in his lungs,” Tomasko stated.

But his journey would nonetheless take twists and turns. When he left the hospital, when he left the hospital, he was nonetheless very sick. He was nonetheless requiring oxygen via a tracheostomy together with different points.

“I thought i wasn’t gonna be able to talk, no more,” Barbosa stated. “The first time I tried to put my feet on the ground, I almost fell.”

But his dedication is paying off. He’s been proud to point out his medical workforce his progress.

Although it’s nonetheless robust, Barbosa says he’s completely happy to be again on his toes and so grateful to his medical doctors and nurses.

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“A lot of people aren’t taking COVID seriously, they think it’s a joke, it’s a little flu, but it took me down, it took my organs down,” He stated. “I almost died three times, they should really take this serious, take care of themselves.”

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