Home And Away’s Penny McNamee: ‘Baby Shark is going to haunt me forever’

Although she could play a fictional physician on tv – and that will be beloved

Summer Bay medico Tori Morgan on Home And Away – Penny McNamee continues to be in a position to provide some sage recommendation with regards to staying match and wholesome.

“Don’t wait to find time to exercise – when you think of it, get up and do it,” she presents, with

the type of enthusiasm that you might think about inspiring her TV sufferers to whip themselves into form and shed some kilos.

“Ten squats is better than nothing.”

Now celebrating 5 years on Home And Away – and a nomination for Best New Talent award on the Logies – McNamee admits that staying in form can typically show tough with youngsters, particularly now we’re again in lockdown.

“I’m not going to lie, it is challenging with two young kids,” the 38-year-old says.

“Before iso, I would leave the house, and the kids, to exercise.

“I’d play netball once a week, do laps at the local pool once a week and hit the gym.

“When suddenly those options were taken away, I had to find ways to exercise at home with the kids in tow.

“Dance parties are a hit. The kids get to pick their favourite songs – Baby Shark is going to haunt me forever – and jogging with the pram becomes the easiest way to stay in shape.”

Still, this TV doc is aware of the significance of balancing out the blood, sweat and tears with a couple of well-deserved treats.

“I’m a self-confessed chocoholic,” McNamee admits.

“Give me a Kit-Kat and I’m good to go.”

Penny McNamee on …


“I am a very simple eater and eat the same thing most days. This sounds incredibly boring,

but the upside is that it takes a lot of the decision making out of my day and allows more

time to do things I enjoy.”


“As a mum of young kids it’s hard to block out exercise time, so I try to just get puffed each

day for 20 minutes. Often that means a game of soccer with my five-year-old, or dancing to

The Wiggles with my one-year-old on my hip.”


“Write it down! As soon as I write a list and start ticking things off, the hard things become manageable and miraculously get done.”


“Seeking happiness for ourselves will only lead to discontentment. However, if we start the day thinking how can we can bring joy to those around us, our day suddenly becomes filled

with purpose, which in turn leads to contentment and happiness.”


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