Elisabeth Röhm Shares Her Passion for Special Olympics

Elisabeth Röhm

The following is an excerpt from Elisabeth Röhm on giving her teen daughter space: ‘I’ve had to learn to stop being a hoverer parent’ revealed by Yahoo!Life.

Though she’s since discovered {that a} distant aunt was as soon as a participant in Special Olympics, Röhm tells Yahoo Life that what drew her to the motion and its year-round packages was each its empowerment of athletes with mental disabilities and its guiding ideas.

“All of us can benefit from the full philosophical point of view of Special Olympics, which really are the JEDI principles: justice, equality, diversity and inclusion,” she says. “This really is the conversation of our time. So I was moved because the athletes inspired me with that sense of leadership and resilience, and their story is so applicable to all of us, really. We all could get a dose of that athletic excellence that the athletes of Special Olympics portray.”

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