Dubai: 5 tips to prevent food poisoning as summer arrives

The authority issued tips to observe whereas cooking to keep away from undesirable signs.

The Dubai Municipality on Saturday issued cooking tricks to observe as a way to stop meals poisoning.

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According to a social media submit, meals poisoning is attributable to consuming contaminated meals with micro organism or parasites ensuing from incorrectly dealing with meals and violating security directions

The authority supplied 5 tricks to observe to keep away from meals poisoning:

1.Hygiene: Wash your fingers utensils and meals surfaces usually

2.Separation: Use completely different reducing boards and instruments for greens

3.Food preservation: Store fruits, poultry, meat, seafood and eggs individually within the fridge

4.Cooking: Cook meals to a protected temperature and maintain meals heat after cooking.

5.Refrigerate: Refrigerate or freeze perishable meals (fruits and leafy greens) promptly inside two hours of buying them.

Symptoms that would point out you will have meals poisoning embrace nausea, fever, diarrhoea, or stomach ache.

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