$20m lottery prize up for grabs

An spectacular $20 million prize is up for grabs. The final time someone received that quantity, it took them three weeks to grasp.

A staggering $20 million is up for grabs for the Tuesday evening lottery draw.

The division one prize for draw 1439 is ready to be introduced at 8.30pm AEST on Tuesday.

A fortunate 12 individuals have to this point nabbed division one prizes this yr to the tune of $167 million all collectively.

Of these winners, 4 had been from NSW, 4 had been from Victoria, three had been from Western Australia and one was from the Northern Territory.

This is the fourth time a $20 million Oz Lotto jackpot has been provided to gamers in 2021.

The final time somebody scored $20 million in Oz Lotto was on July 6.

A Victorian entrant received the prize however didn’t declare the cash immediately.

It took three weeks for the household in Golden Square, Bendigo, regional Victoria, to grasp they’d received a life-changing $20 million.

They revealed to The Lott that they’d fully forgotten that they’d entered.

“We were cleaning the house the other day when we came across some old tickets which we’d forgotten about,” the mum stated.

“Some had been in there for so long, so I decided to take them all down to the news agency to check them.

“I scanned them on the self-checker, and it said that I had to go to the counter. I thought there was just some problem with the ticket because it was oldish.

“But then I remembered there was a missing Oz Lotto winner from Golden Square, so I started to think maybe we had that winning ticket.

“I didn’t want to get my hopes up, so we checked again ourselves and that’s when we realised we were the winners.”

The mum defined that the household had double and triple checked the ticket as a result of they couldn’t imagine their luck.

“We have felt so nervous and sick ever since we checked the ticket,” she stated.

“We just can’t believe we’re multi-millionaires now.

“This feels like a dream come true. It’s so overwhelming for us all.

“My stomach is full of butterflies, and I feel all jittery.

“When will we start to feel normal? Or is it always going to be hard to believe we’re multi-millionaires?

“This feels like the best day of our lives. I am not sure if we’re ever going to come down from this.”

To keep away from a three-week wait to find you’re a multi-millionaire, The Lott’s Ally Ramsamy had a phrase of recommendation.

“Our best tip for anyone interested in scoring that prize is to make sure you get in early and register your entry to a player card or online account, so we can reach out if you win division one,” she stated.

“It’s not a call you’d want to miss.”

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